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Are You Interested in Purchasing a Drone for Your Business?

Commercial drones are more popular than ever. In fact, in August 2021, it was reported that nearly 350,000 drones were registered for commercial use. And this number shows no signs of decreasing, as the United States Federal Aviation Administration projects a continued uptick in drone registrations, for both commercial and recreational use. Why you ask? Drones make many jobs easier and save businesses time and resources. We’ve funded many industry leaders drones from photographers to government agencies. If your business can benefit from a drone, be sure to talk to Amerifund about commercial drone financing options. We enjoy helping our business clients across the United States, secure the funding they need to grow their businesses.

Servicing a Wide Variety of Industries

commercial drone equipment financing and leasing

In today’s day and age, many industries benefit from drone use. Mega companies are already utilizing drone technology for delivering products, additionally law enforcement agencies are employing drones to track down suspects and find evidence in hard-to-reach places. If your business falls within one of the following industries, you can benefit from commercial drone leasing and financing:

  • Product delivery
  • Law enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • Information gathering
  • Aerial video and photography
  • Cinematography
  • Construction monitoring
  • Building safety inspections
  • Geographic mapping
  • Thermal sensors
  • Storm tracking
  • Agriculture monitoring
  • Government use

We Only Work with Reputable Vendors

At Amerifund, you can trust that you’re getting the best equipment financing in the business. When you come to us for your business drone financing, we’ll ensure that you have access to some of the latest drone technology and products on the market. We’ve cultivated strong, lasting relationships with reputable vendors to bring you top-tier drone technology. Are you a drone equipment seller interested in partnering with us? If so, our team can help connect you with potential customers that you may not be able to reach on your own. Applying to be a vendor is simple and comes with countless benefits!

Drone Financing Made Easy

Drones are no longer a futuristic dream, and the reality is that commercial drone financing is easier than ever. When you choose Amerifund for financing and leasing solutions, we’ll offer you a quick and painless credit application process. Our application only asks a few questions, and after a prompt review from our team, we’ll get back to you with an approval and your financing options. Next, sign your documents, the equipment seller is paid, and your drone equipment is shipped and on its way! Before you know it, you’ll be using your innovative, drone technology to grow your business!

Get in Touch with Us Today

Drones are an exciting new way to boost your business, and they’re within your reach! Simply get in touch with Amerifund, and we’ll help you determine your financing and leasing options. With years of financing experience, we know how to bring you the funding you need to keep your costs low without compromising quality. Don’t wait—call today.

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