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Offering Med Spa Funding Nationwide

Starting your own med spa or dermatologist practice can take a bit work—and that’s an understatement. In addition to thinking about staffing, hours, and marketing, you’ll also need to consider ways of financing med spa equipment. Fortunately, Amerifund is ready to help. We provide business owners throughout the United States the funds to purchase or lease brand-new aesthetics equipment. Especially when it comes to skin aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology is imperative. Allow our seasoned team to help you get the funds you need to grow your practice.

med spa equipment financing and leasing

We Provide Financing to All Kinds of Professionals

Amerifund is proud to offer financing to all types of aesthetic and medical professionals. No matter the size or type of business or practice you run, our team wants to discuss financing for your much-needed equipment. Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of businesses, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Salons
  • Med Spas
  • Day Spas
  • Aesthetics Professionals
  • Wellness Centers
  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic surgeons

To Purchase or to Lease?

Buying your own equipment has many advantages. Once the purchase price is paid, you have full rights to the equipment, as well as the chance for tax incentives and depreciation deduction. While purchasing your own med spa equipment might be the goal, it might not be feasible for every business. For clients who aren’t ready to buy, Amerifund offers options for med spa equipment leasing. Consider the following benefits of leasing rather than buying:

  • Lower initial expense
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Conserve your cash
  • Tax deductible
  • Upgrade sooner

Exceptional Vendors Bringing You Premier Products

When you trust Amerifund to help you with financing aesthetics equipment, you’ll be able to purchase or lease from some of the nation’s top vendors for your lasers and medical aesthetics equipment. We have excellent working relationships with a broad range of aesthetic equipment manufacturers and resellers. Because of our valuable relationships, we’ll ensure you get the med spa resources you need to make your business a success. With personalized funding solutions and extensive resources for equipment suppliers, you’re sure to find what you need.

Do I Qualify?


At Amerifund, we strive to provide a wide range of financing solutions to as many people as possible. We understand that it’s often an uphill climb to pay for all your business expenses; our team wants to be part of the solution. Our application process is simple, and we offer quick approvals so you can focus on other aspects of your daily operations. Use our secure online credit application, where you’ll let us know the type of equipment you want and the amount of money you need. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an approval and financing options.

Give Us a Call Today

If you’re unsure of your options or have additional questions, we’re here to help you navigate through the process. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our online contact form. We’re happy to discuss your numerous financing options so you can obtain the med spa equipment you need to make your aesthetics business a success. Whether you have questions about the ins and outs of financing or want to know more about our aesthetic resources, don’t hesitate to contact Amerifund.

Allow Us to Grow Your Company Today

Join Our Growing Team

Are you an A+ team member? We’re committed to helping our customers’ businesses grow by providing great funding solutions. If you crave a fast-paced, friendly, creative and professional work environment – come join our team!