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Ask Us About Financing for Your Up-and-Coming Salon

Beauty means big business and most local hair salons and barbers are looking to make improvements to keep pace in this lucrative industry. Most local, small, family-owned businesses require outside financing in order to purchase the equipment they need for their daily operations. If your salon needs new equipment, Amerifund’s team of experts will help you finance all of your salon or barber furnishings and equipment. Whether you’re looking to buy, finance or lease, Amerifund’s nationwide financing services are at your disposal.

salon and barber equipment financing

Who Our Clients Are

Over the years, Amerifund has helped countless hair professionals. We work with clients across multiple industries, including all kinds of hair stylists and beauty professionals. Companies big and small are welcome to our services, and we’re glad to work with clients in multiple financial situations. We commonly work with the following businesses and beauty professionals:

  • Hair Salons, Dry Bars and Styling Salons
  • Hairstylists, Master Stylists, and other Hair Professionals
  • Beauty Salons and Beauty Parlors and Beauty Schools
  • Salons, Styling Salons, Nail Salons and Day Spas
  • Barbers, Master Barbers, Barbershops and Barber Schools

Access to the Top Salon and Barber Equipment Suppliers

Not only does Amerifund give you access to a variety of financing options, but it also provides you with the opportunity to work with key hair salon equipment sellers. We have cultivated relationships with premiere salon and spa equipment manufacturers and suppliers who provide the gold standard for hair salon and barber equipment and furnishings. We’re committed to your satisfaction, and we choose to work with vendors that meet our high standards. When you get in touch with Amerifund, you’ll have the benefit of both outstanding financing and state-of-the-art equipment.

Consider Leasing to Save Money

Many clients who talk with us about salon or barber equipment financing choose to lease rather than buy. While it may be tempting to buy everything outright, you should also consider the benefits of leasing. Leasing costs less upfront makes it easy to budget, and ensures good cash flow for your business. Amerifund offers flexible leasing terms, including financing your equipment from two to six years and deferred payments for those who qualify. One of the biggest advantages is the opportunity to upgrade your equipment as modern, innovative equipment comes to market. Simply let your lease run out, and lease a new, more advanced piece of equipment!

 A Quick and Easy Road to Funding

The team at Amerifund is dedicated to helping clients across the United States with their salon equipment leasing and financing needs. We strive to make the process as quick and easy as possible. After all, you have plenty of other things to worry about as the busy owner of a salon or barbershop! It takes only four quick steps to funding:

  1. Apply via our secure and easy online credit application.
  2. Receive your approval and choose your finance option.
  3. Sign your e-documents online or sign traditional paper docs.
  4. Receive your equipment and start growing your business!

Contact Our Team Today

You deserve state-of-the-art salon equipment to ensure your business is a success. The team at Amerifund is here to help you secure your equipment without draining your bank account. No matter your bottom line, our team would love to help you meet your goals. Simply give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll discuss your options. Don’t settle for subpar equipment that no longer works—contact Amerifund to explore the world of financing.

Allow Us to Grow Your Company Today

Join Our Growing Team

Are you an A+ team member? We’re committed to helping our customers’ businesses grow by providing great funding solutions. If you crave a fast-paced, friendly, creative and professional work environment – come join our team!