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Take Advantage of Section 179

Section 179 is our federal government’s incentive to help grow our nation’s businesses. Businesses can now take a 100% deduction of their equipment purchase in the first year up to a maximum limit of $1,050,000 versus depreciating it over time. This accelerated depreciation is great news, especially for growing businesses whether small, mid-sized or large corporations. To take advantage of Section 179’s tax benefits the equipment must be purchased and put in use before December 31st of that tax year.

This year, the limit is reduced by the amount by which the cost of Section 179 property placed in service exceeds $2,620,000.

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Save Big With Section 179

  1. Find the equipment you want
  2. Finance it over the term that works best for your business
  3. Receive a 100% tax deduction on this year’s taxes (up to $1,050,000)
  4. Calculate your tax savings by clicking on the calculator below
  5. Start using your new equipment and watch your sales increase

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Why Section 179 Can Make a Difference for Your Business

If you’re a growing business, you’re probably investing money back into your business. If not, you may be falling behind your competition who are upgrading their equipment to increase productivity. Amerifund provides the equipment financing that makes sense for your business to acquire its new equipment.

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Calculate Your Tax Savings

It’s easy to acquire your equipment this year and watch your taxes decrease! Use our calculator to estimate your tax savings by investing in equipment this year.

Enter your “Equipment Cost” and our calculator will show your savings.

  • (Assuming a 21% tax bracket)

  • (Assuming a 21% tax bracket)

  • (After Tax Savings)
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*We recommend always checking with your CPA or Tax Attorney for your specific tax situation.

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