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Amerifund Inc. Covers Funding for Southwest Businesses

Businesses of all types rely on small business financing to fund their startup and expansion investments, including essential machinery and equipment. Amerifund Inc. has served countless customers nationwide with their commercial equipment leasing and financing needs, including locations throughout Phoenix, AZ.  Amerifund serves Phoenix valley-wide, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Buckeye, Apache Junction, Maricopa, and throughout surrounding Phoenix communities. Our small business loans ensure customers can cover a wide array of costs and keep their businesses growing with the latest tools and technologies. As seasoned commercial financing professionals, we take pride in providing multiple options for equipment financing to fit every customer’s specific needs and budgets with quick approvals and fundings. You won’t need to worry about filling out a mountain of paperwork or wait for long periods to find out if you have secured the funds you need. Our simplified process and prompt response times apply to a wide array of business professionals.

Small Business Loans to Grow Your Company

Amerifund Inc. has over twenty-six years of experience working with commercial customers and providing reliable financing options for equipment and other business expenses. Our simplified four-step process starts with an easy application with a fast approval. Then, we determine which equipment loan options will work best for your business. After you choose an option and complete the brief paperwork, we get you the funding and equipment you need without waiting an extended time. Our quick approvals and funding help you bring in new equipment when you need it, with some same-day approvals, depending on factors like your type of equipment and providing us the necessary information needed upfront. Our goal is to get your business funded fast and help you become the leader in your industry.

Our Scottsdale Location Serves Various Industries

Valleywide, Phoenix, AZ is teeming with all types of businesses needing business financing options to keep them competitive and thriving in their communities. From Apache Junction to Mesa on to Buckeye and in between, construction, manufacturing, and technology companies along with small businesses such as restaurants, medspas, barbers, and salons, to name a few, are looking to Amerifund Inc. for financial funding. All businesses deserve an ethical equipment financing provider with commitment to exceptional service. Amerifund helps their commercial customers with appealing small business financing solutions to ensure they stay at the forefront of their industry with quality equipment. After securing adequate funding for trucks, coolers, automotive equipment, and any other tangible investments, our customers can flourish in their communities.

construction equipment financing
Construction Equipment Financing

Construction foreman in front of a backhoe inspecting construction project in Phoenix, AZ suburb.

manufacturing equipment financing
Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Manufacturing company using robotic assembly.

barber and salon equipment financing
Salon and Barber Equipment Financing

Barber cutting and styling hair for clients in his male salon with the latest barber chairs and high-end LED lighting.

automotive equipment financing
Automotive Equipment Financing

Electric automaker using a robot for testing and assembly in smart factory.

medspa equipment financing
Medspa Equipment Financing

High-end medspa treating their Phoenix and Scottsdale customers with their latest aesthetic lasers creating youthful, glowing skin.

Get Financial Solutions in the Phoenix, AZ Area

If you have a small business anywhere in the nation and require a convenient and speedy financing option to grow and thrive, Amerifund Inc. is ready to help you. We welcome businesses in a broad range of industries to take advantage of our straightforward and timely small business financing options. Customers in Southwest communities like Phoenix and Scottsdale have equipment leasing and financing covered with our team of financing experts. Contact us today to discuss your equipment needs and get started on the process to secure funding for your business.

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