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Enjoy our Identity Protection Series! These 25+ resources on identity theft, fraud, cybersecurity and information protection will help make your company secure from the inside out. We hope they prove to be valuable assets to you and your business.

Video #1: Fraud Alerts & Credit Freezes

In our first video, LifeLock Expert Paige Hanson explained the key differences between a fraud alert and a credit freeze, and the pros and cons of each.

Identity Expert Paige Hanson on Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes from Amerifund Inc.

Extra Resources:

Video #2: Your Identity & Cybersecurity

In our second video, Paige discussed the importance of cybersecurity and identity information protection in our increasingly digital culture.

Identity Expert Paige Hanson on Cybersecurity from Amerifund Inc.

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Video #3: Protecting Yourself From Cyber Attacks

In our third video, Paige provided valuable insight on how to defend against cyber attacks.

Identity Expert Paige Hanson on Cyber Scams and Ransoms from Amerifund Inc.

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Video #4: Recovery for Identity Theft Victims

In our fourth video, Paige discussed the different options available to those who have been victims of identity theft, and how they can begin the journey of recovery after identity theft.

Identity Expert Paige Hanson’s Next Steps for Identity Theft Victims from Amerifund Inc.

Extra Resources:

Video #5: Being Proactive With Your Identity Security

In our final video, Paige shared some final tips on how we can take control of our identity information and stay vigilant with proactive protection methods.

Identity Expert Paige Hanson on Proactive Identity Protection from Amerifund Inc.

Extra Resources:


Additional Resources

Amerifund cares about its customers. That’s why we put together this video series and resource list – so that we could provide you and your business with the vital education you need in order to protect your information. In addition to the hardworking team at Amerifund working to get these videos out to you, our reader, we have a few individuals and organizations to thank – namely LifeLock’s Paige Hanson for her valuable insight throughout this video series, and Brad White of Square Pictures for his help in capturing incredible video.

Additional Resources: